Selamat Datang di Blog Novi Tuimtihanah, Saya Suka Mengoleksi Resep Menu Makanan. Kalau Anda Suka Mari Saling berbagi ~~~~~~ Resep Masakan Indonesia dan Resep Masakan Luar Negeri

Resep Pia Keju Lilit

Ingredients A:

• 250 grams of Flour Semar
• 75 grams of cooking oil
• 75 grams Water
• 50 grams of refined sugars

How to Make Cheese Pia convolution:
1. Mix all ingredients in a mixer and mix at medium speed until smooth ¾.
2. Lift; rest ± 10 minutes.

Ingredients B:
• 200 grams Flour Semar
• 150 grams of cooking oil

How to Make:
Mix all ingredients until well blended.

Filling Ingredients:
• 500 grams cheddar cheese

• 1 point Eggs
• 1 egg yolk mixture and salt ± strain

How to Make:
Cut lengthwise @ cheddar cheese weighing 5 grams. Set aside.

1. Take the dough A, then using the rolling pin thinly so as to form a rectangle.
2. Take the dough B; thinly. Place dough on top of dough A. B Then fold the dough so the dough B both located in the batter A.
thinly again by using the rolling pin. Do as much as 3x daily newspaper. Dough rest for ± 20 minutes.
3. Cut the dough lengthwise ½. Tipiskan dough. then cut the dough lengthwise using a pastry cutter (like a cheese straw).
4. Take one piece of dough and then take the cheese. Twist the mixture into the filling, so filling completely closed (not shown). Do the same thing until the dough is finished.
5. Put a twist earlier in the pan that has been smeared with white shortening. Grease is also topped with a smear of material.
6. Bake in oven at 180 ° C for ± 20 minutes.

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