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Resep Donat Telo

Donut Recipe Ingredients:
• 300 grams of Cassava (Telo) that has been boiled and mashed
• 700 grams Flour Blue Wheels
• 20 grams of milk powder
• 25 grams Flour corn
• 50 grams sugar
• 2 grams Vanilla essence
• 1 gram Eggs
• 8 grams of Instant Yeast
• 400 grams Water
• 25 grams of white Shortening
• 10 grams of salt

Donut Recipe Ingredients:
• 200 grams of refined sugars

How to Make Doughnuts:
1. Mix all dry ingredients in mixer bowl. Except for the white salt and shortening.
2. Add the eggs and water into the dry ingredients, stirring with a low speed until dough is lumpy. Enter the white shortening and salt, stir again at medium speed until smooth.
3. Dough rest for ± 15 minutes. Weigh dough weighing 40 grams, round-round it off and put on baking sheet that has been given the wheat flour. ± 10-minute rest your back.
4. After 10 minutes, using the holes in the middle finger and the second circled so that the hole widened. Place the dough on the baking sheet back earlier; let that little fluffy.
5. Prepare a skillet with a lot of oil and use medium heat.
6. Fry until cooked donuts or brownish color.
7. Let the cold donuts. After the cold donuts, sprinkle the surface with powdered sugar, or roll-gulungkan donut in powdered sugar.

Results so: 35 pcs

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