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Resep Donat Kentang

500 g high protein flour
50 gr milk powder
11 gr instant yeast
200 gr potatoes, steamed, mashed and cooled
100 gr sugar psir
75 gr butter
½ teaspoon salt
4 egg yolks BTR
100 ml cold water

How to make:

In container, combine the flour, sugar, milk powder, instant yeast, mix well, put the potatoes finely, pour the egg and cold water, knead until smooth and semi smooth.
Give butter and salt, continue to knead until smooth elastic. Rest 15 minutes.
For the dough, 50 ounces each, Get hold. Let stand 20 minutes, until fluffy.
Punch a hole through the middle, into a donut shape, quickly fried until golden brown.
Remove and drain. Sprinkle sugar donut, or decorate with chocolate

success tips to make the donuts potatoes:

1. Prepare all ingredients beforehand without any eventual miss none, even though salt.

2. Remember the rule I make bread, yeast can not see or butter salt and yes. Raginya'll die, do not want to develop the dough. After the entry of salt and butter dough half smooth.

3. Potato puree until completely smooth, if necessary pake blender, so the dough can be slippery and not gradakan

4. After Smooth Chill potatoes before made Donat. Continue if not in a state dingiiiinnn ... waaa .., direct raginya deh dead.

5. Make a smooth dough until elastic, follow the recipe step by step, until as smooth rounded surface. Smooth and slippery spots will form a beautiful rounded donut when fried / chap.

6. Lk dough rest. 20 s / d 30 minutes (depending on weather), cover with plastic surface does not dry spy.

7. Punch a hole in its center using a chopstick, make circular movements in the donut hole when it started frying donuts and broke, so beautiful rounded shape. Circular motion (centrifugal) will assist the formation of a circular donut.

8. fried with medium heat (so to goto the perfect donut cooked in) If one side is golden brown, turning right, continue frying until both sides brown. Lift. Drain.

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