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Resep Agar Agar Lapis Kelapa Muda

Source: Femina Primarasa Dishes

Cuisine Category: Desserts


White Layer Material:
500 ml coconut milk, and 1 1 / 2 coconut
100 grams granulated sugar
1 packet gelatin powder white
A young coconut, coarse rake
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 / 2 teaspoon coconut scent (coconut essence)

Chocolate Layer Material:
200 grams of brown sugar
1 packet gelatin powder white
750 ml water

Santan Sauce Ingredients:
200 ml coconut milk from half coconut
1 pandan leaves
1 / 2 teaspoon salt

How to Treat:

Make a layer of white:
1. Boil the coconut milk while stirring-stirring.
2. Remove and let cool.
3. Separate the thick coconut milk that gathered on the surface.
4. Cook the liquid coconut milk with sugar and gelatin until boiling.
5. Enter the palm rake, then lift it from the heat.
6. Enter the beaten eggs, essence of coconut, and coconut milk.
7. Stir until blended completely, then pour into pan.
8. Set aside to cool.
9. After hardening, dredging jelly with a spoon, set aside.

Make chocolate layer:
1. Cook brown sugar, gelatin, and water to the boil, then strain.
2. Wet cup / bowl with water.
3. Pour 1 tablespoon vegetable gelatin chocolate into it.
4. The rest leave it over low heat to keep liquid.
5. Enter White dredged gelatin into a glass / bowl.
6. Let cool slightly.
7. Pour more gelatinous brown on top, give dredged jelly white.
8. Do so until the two ingredients gelatin over.
9. Try to keep the brown at the top.
10. Refrigerate until hardened.

Santan Sauce Making:
1. Cook the coconut milk, pandanus, and salt to a boil while stirring, keep stirring so that milk is not broken.
2. Remove, let cool, serve with jelly.

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